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10 Proven Ways to Make Content Go Viral

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Roy’s 1-Minute Marketing Messages

100 million articles were analyzed to see what content goes viral.  Here’s what was found.

Hi, This is Roy.
Welcome to my next 1-minute message, designed
for short-attention-span people (like me).
(For those not familiar with this, here are short sound-bites
in business and internet marketing, in 1-minute format.)

Today’s message: 10 Proven Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral
Some takeaways:

  • Post content early in the week to encourage shares
  • Top 10 lists and quizzes tend to get more shares
  • Always add at least one image to every article that you post

10 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral
chart for posting content on the best days of the week
list articles to get more shares
add an image to every article you post
add quizzes to appeal to the user's ego
make your articles visual with infographics
get influencers to share your content
be transparent and get more shares

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