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2-Minute SEO: A New Video Series from Horizon Web Marketing

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Internet Marketing

picture of stop watch to illustrate 2-minute SEO video blogHey, got a minute?

Or maybe two?  One thing that’s in ever shorter supply is time.  We deal with dozens of business people.  Managers, owners, marketing execs, even office workers and customer service reps.  No one has extra time.

But here’s the challenge in digital marketing: it depends on knowledge.  Make a mistake and the market will punish you.  Make a different kind of mistake and your competitors will punish you.  Make an even different kind of mistake and Google will punish you.

At Horizon Web Marketing our practice is built on SEO and related forms of digital media.  We know firsthand how frustrating it is for business people to know even what “SEO” is (other than to search on the acronym and find out it means “Search Engine Optimization”), much less to make use of it to promote their websites.

And so, we decided to try for an achievable educational goal for our clients: a series of videos that we have dubbed “2-Minute SEO.”  The videos are stripped to the bone to help non-SEO-professionals to understand what they need to know about SEO.

Our first set of 10 videos examines 10 of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we get about SEO.  In future videos we will examine not only the “frequently” asked questions, but the “should” ask questions that will make you empowered in buying and managing your digital marketing efforts.

Sign up for our e newsletter to stay in touch with new releases.  Our goal is to release 1 new video every week.  Since we also do SEO training, our videos are designed to instruct, not to give you a sales pitch.  So sit back and enjoy that SEO ride.

To see our current selection of 2-minute SEO videos: click here.



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