Your SEO and Digital Marketing Questions Answered

In our many years of Search Engine Optimization consulting we tend to get a lot of the same questions, especially from busy business people who are trying to get enough of a grasp on this weird and complex field of digital marketing.  We categorize the questions answered on this page into two important groups.

One of those groups are the so-called FAQs (Freqently Asked Questions).  But there’s another group you should know about, and those are the less-well-known SAQs, namely “SHOULD ask questions.”  These are the questions that business and marketing executives should be asking, but don’t yet know enough to ask.

So, without further ado, scan our list.  Want to see more?  Want us to answer your question?  Let us know here.


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2-Minute SEO Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?


Do I Have To Pay Google to Show Up in Their Search Results?


Why Don’t I Show Up on Google?


What About Companies that Guarantee That We’ll Rank #1 On Google?


What’s the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search?


How Do I Know if My Website is Doing Any Good?


Can I Do SEO Myself?


What is HTML?  And Why Does it Matter?


Should I Care About Bing?


How Do I Know if My SEO is Doing Their Job?

2-Minute SEO Answers to SHOULD Ask Questions