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Are You a Left or Right Brain Marketer?

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Roy’s 1-Minute Marketing Messages

The type of thinker you mostly are (right brain or left brain) guides the
marketing campaigns you may design – find out more.

Hi, This is Roy.
Welcome to my next 1-minute message, designed
for short-attention-span people (like me).
(For those not familiar with this, here are short sound-bites
in business and internet marketing, in 1-minute format.)

Today’s message:  Right Brain vs Left Brain Marketer
– Which Are You?

  • Left brain people: logical, prefer non-fiction.
    Their marketing focuses on practical aspects of a product/service

  • Right brain people: emotional, prefer creative story-telling.
    Their marketing may contain elements of surprise or humor
    to make advertising memorable

  • Left brain online marketing leans toward targeted paid search with analytics

  • ​Right brain online marketing leans toward robust branding
    and personality-rich social media

left and right brain function infographic
left vs right brain infographic
billboard approach infographic
marketing accountability infographic

To view the entire article, click here (from Marketo)).
Enjoy your day!

Roy Nakamura
Horizon Web Marketing



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