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The Words You Choose Do Make A Difference In Your Sales – 13 Case Studies

The words you use in your advertising do make a difference in your sales. Here are some examples.   The old button showed a picture of a shopping cart  ​ “Add to cart” increased sales by 49%​   “CTA” stands for “Call To Action” .   To view the entire article, click this link (from […]

Why Are You Invisible on Google? Our Free SEO Training Webinars Begin March 9th!

My poor, invisible chiropractor.  Does Google hate him? I’ve been going to the same chiropractor in Grand Junction for 27 years, Thomas Foote (his practice is called Applied Chiropractic Health Center).  Tom is a good egg.  He prides himself on not being a (stereo)typical chiropractor.  In other words he doesn’t try to get you to […]

Looking for Some Real World SEO Training?

Kate: Can you imagine a life where everything was just easy?  You know, like where you ask for things, and then people just bring them to you? Jack: It’s wonderful… – “The Family Man” (2000) Ah yes, wouldn’t it be nice if you could read some sage bit of Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing advice, […]