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“Google My Business A to Z” – The Complete Course Pre-Release Announcement

Learn Google My Business from the Experts If you follow us here at Horizon Web Marketing you know that our passion is for training business people to untangle the world of digital marketing. We conduct workshops and webinars, we even have our own training channel, the Horizon Web Marketing Academy. So we’re excited to be […]

New! A Free Google My Business Workshop from the Horizon Web Marketing Academy

Whether a person is looking for what you have to offer on their computer, by typing into their phone, or even by speaking a question to a digital voice assistant, whether you reach that customer depends on whether Google or Bing know about your business and consider it relevant to what they want.

How to Add a User to Your Google Ads Account

Here’s how to allow someone (or an agency) to have access to your Google Ads account without compromising control or security.

How to Add a Manager to Your YouTube Channel

If you need help managing your YouTube efforts (and really who doesn’t?!) you’ll need to authorize other managers on your YouTube channel. Here’s how.

Video: How to Add a User to Google Analytics

If you have a marketing team, or are working with an SEO agency, you’ll likely need to know how to add users to your Google Analytics account.