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Blended Search Results: The Impact on Your Local Business

It’s now possible for you to rank well in traditional search results on Google and yet be almost invisible.  This video explains why this phenomenon occurs for some businesses, and what you need to do about it. SEO Consultant Ross Barefoot describes the impact of Google Local search.  The result of Google’s emphasis on providing […]

Google Webmaster Tools and Blocked URLs

A Case Study in the Subtle Meanings Behind Webmaster Tools Verbiage Website “health checks”  are one of the standard services we provide to our online marketing and SEO clients.  The purpose of a health check is similar to that of a check-up in your doctor’s office: to alert you to any serious problems that can […]

SEO or Web Marketing? Is There a Difference?

Otherwise Known as “What’s in a Name”? After long hours of contemplation and meditation, discussion, disputation, and argumentation, and finally after consulting a guru in a lonely cave in India, we decided on a new name for our business.  We are now “Horizon Web Marketing.”  Whenever a business takes the risk of re-labeling themselves, a […]

What is SEO?

Riddle: In What Way is a Professional SEO Like Alex “Hitch” Hitchens? In this video Ross Barefoot discusses how SEO is like a professional date doctor.  Find out more about this “Fresh Prince” take on Search Engine Optimization by either watching the video or reading the transcript.  Post any questions you have in the comments, […]