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The 7 Myths of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to market; yet myths persist. Here are 7 email marketing myths. Quick Takeaways: Myth: Consumers are trigger happy with the spam button.  Fact: Less than 1 in 2,000 will label an email as spam Myth: Consumers will ignore repeated emails.  Fact: Sending 4 emails a […]

Key Shopping Habits of Millenials

Targeting millennials? Here are some key millennial shopping habits. Quick Takeaways: 84% use their phone for shopping assistance while in a store 70% are more influenced more by non-celebrity bloggers than celebrities 62% would try a product suggested by a YouTuber rather than a tv/movie star To view the entire article, click here (from Marketing […]

What You Need To Know If Marketing To Affluent Americans

If marketing to “Affluent Americans” ($100K+ annual income) here is some useful information. Affluent American Behavior and Media Consumption Quick Takeaways: 28% of US households (35 million) are affluent (household income $100K+) 64% of Affluent Americans are Boomers or Gen X Affluent American adults spend 4X more time watching ad-supported TV than YouTube+Facebook combined. To […]

How To Market To And Reach Americans Age 50+

The Technology Habits of Americans Age 50+ Quick Takeaways: It may seem hard to believe but according to the AARP 86% of Americans aged 50+ communicate through texting. 72% connect through social media, also according to the AARP. 79% prefer computers over smart phones when making a purchase. To view the entire article, click here […]

15 Humorous Out of the Office Messages

Even your “Out of the Office” messages can be good marketing; here are 15 examples. Quick Takeaways: Humor is a key to good content (see “Not-So-Tropical Getaway’) Visuals and pictures are powerful (see “Sorry-I’m-Not-Sorry” message) Check out “The Liquid Update” (more humor-person admits to being drunk) To view the entire article, click here (from Hubspot). […]