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Voice Search; Everything You Wanted To Know

How Listening To Your Customers Affects Your Bottom Line Quick Takeaways: 20% of mobile inquiries are through voice search (in 2019) By 2020, 50% of mobile inquiries will be through voice search (projected at the current rate growth) Top voice recognition software, called “voice assistants”, include Alexa (on Amazon), Google Assistant, and Siri (on Apple) […]

Effective Storytelling On The Internet

Here is what you need to know to tell your story on the internet. Quick Takeaways: 79% skim the internet rather than read word for word; basically no one reads 90% of professionals interviewed admit to throwing away information without reading it; everyone is busy But people will stop and read a well-told story: meaning […]

he ABCs of Storytelling

The ABCs or Science of Storytelling Quick Takeaways: 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story… …so deliver content that is linear and expresses a clear narrative 6X faster. This is the rate the brain processes images compared to words… …so show, don’t tell To view the entire article, click […]

10 Video Trends For 2019

If video is the future of internet marketing, here are 10 video trends to watch for in 2019. Quick Takeaways: Going live.  Expect more live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, other social media. Virtual reality (VR).  Expect more VR in gaming, healthcare, education, business, marketing. More 1:1. Expect more personalized 1-on-1 videos in inquiry follow ups, […]

Lead Nurturing 101 – How To Convert A Lead To A Sale

Getting a sales lead is easy; converting that lead to a sales is hard.  The secret? Lead nurturing. Read on. So you have gotten a sales lead, but your lead is not ready to buy.  So Now What?  You need to nurture the lead.  Read On. Quick Takeaways: Nurtured leads achieve 47% more purchases than […]