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Business Websites: Fast, Affordable, Effective

Whether your website is informational or e-commerce, the goal is the same:  to increase your sales and help grow your business.

What your Website Should Do for Your Business

With this goal in mind, we will develop your new website with these objectives:

  • Creative website design team at workIncrease your web traffic
  • Educate and inform your client
  • Create a realistic virtual representation of your business
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Enhance your business reputation, trust, authority (factors in search rankings)
  • Improve your website sales conversion rate
  • Increase your website ROI

A Web Development Partnership for a Better Result

The process of building your website will begin with a business review with you. As a key partner in the development of a website that will represent your business to the online world, you will be involved throughout the development process.

Our Web Design Process

We share our process with our clients so they can stay informed every step of the way and participate in the process for a better and more effective website:

  • Business Review: gather information about your organization, products, services, values and history and discuss your plans and objectives for the website.
  • Platform and Structure: build a conceptual framework
  • Design Selection: share with you one or more design ideas chosen specifically for your business
  • Development and Coding: complete front end coding to meet the site design specifications and quality standards
  • Backend Development: Set up the content management system, load content, images, products
  • Content: complete any content not provided by client using search engine optimization quality techniques
  • SEO-ready: complete search engine friendly set up and checks in both front end coding and back-end content
  • CRO-ready: place calls to action and conversion opportunities on the site to improve effectiveness
  • Quality Control: check items such as functionality, links, loading times and security
  • Client Review and Approval: the client will review the site at key points. After final approval, the website is ready for launch.

Our goal is to complete your web design quickly in order to get you up and running.  We place a priority on web development and adhere to strict quality and deadline controls to stay on track and on time for our clients.

Your Website Investment

Websites, new ones in particular, do not just show up in search results. Search rankings are determined by a number of factors. The most effective way to be sure your website is found in search results by your target market is with an SEO Program.  For this reason, we offer a substantial discount on a new website if purchased as part of an SEO package. They may also be purchased separately.

Contact us for information on building your business website.

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