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Business Profile: Buy Shock Blocker

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Client Profiles, General Topics

Profiling New Business Partner Shock Blocker/ American Innovative Inventions

Visit the Shock Blocker Website

BabyAndPuppy_clipped_rev_7Horizon Web Marketing is proud to be working alongside American Innovative Inventions, creators of the Shock Blocker home safety product. With an innovative new design, the Shock Blocker is a tamper-proof outlet cover guaranteed to protect your children and pets from unwanted electrical shocks. No more accidentally sticking mom’s keys into the outlet! The patent-pending shutter technology ensures that nothing but an approved electrical plug can be inserted into the outlet.

This is the debut product of American Innovative Inventions, a firm dedicated to helping up-and-coming inventors establish their products. For parents looking to childproof their homes, there is no better solution than Shock Blocker. There are more than 6,000 incidents of children being electrocuted in the U.S., many of them due to unprotected outlet covers. The Shock Blocker offers an utterly tamper-proof design which, once installed in homes, schools, and businesses across the country, aims to reduce this number significantly.

With the launch of the Shock Blocker website, American Innovative Inventions wishes to reach out to retail distributors and individual customers alike, offering the chance to purchase their product. Distributors and customers can order the product directly from the website through a dedicated, secure e-commerce system ensuring   safe transactions and privacy for their information. In this way, you can rest assured that both your personal information and your children are safe when you buy Shock Blocker.


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