How To Succeed Using Direct Mail (or Snail Mail) in the Digital Era

Believe it or not, direct mail (or snail mail) is alive and well, even in the digital age.  Read on and find out more.

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10 Things NOT to Include in Your Email Marketing

Here are 10 Email No-No’s for when you do Email marketing

Above are 3 of the top 10 email marketing No-No’s,

The other 7 are:

4. Avoid Deceptive Subject Lines

5. Avoid A “No Reply” Sender Address

6. Avoid One Big Image

7. Avoid Broken Links

8. Avoid Typos

9. Avoid Content Without Value

10. Avoid Too Many Calls To Action

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The Most Popular Font Types in America (and when to use them)

America’s Most Popular Fonts

Have you ever wondered what types of fonts to use in your communications?

Here’s a study of America’s most popular fonts, and when to use them.

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Santa’s Insurance Costs

Just for fun – If Santa were running a real business, here is what his insurance costs might be.


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Humor in Advertising – Witty Gas Station Signs

People like to be entertained, not pitched to; they pay more attention to a humorous message rather than a serious or factual one.

For a change of pace, below are actual signs from a local gas station that are funny, even witty.



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