Computer Humor – Enjoy!

Computer Humor, For A Change Of Pace

Computer problem in Florida / True story

Technical Support, how can I help you?

FEMALE CALLER: ‘Last night my computer started making a lot of hissing noises at me so I shut it down. This morning when I turned it on the computer started hissing and cracking, then started smoking and a bad smell, then nothing’.

TECH SUPPORT: ‘I will have a technician come over first thing this morning.

Leave the computer just like it is, so they can find the problem and fix it, or change it out with another computer. Give me your address; phone number and the technician will be there just as soon as he can’.

When the technician got there, the lady showed him where the computer was,

said what happened to it, … this is what the technician found wrong.

Take a look at the pictures… YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES …

And you thought YOU had computer problems!!!


The technician told her: … ‘It must have been after the mouse!’

… The woman didn’t think it was very funny at all!


and this one …

Computer Repair

Caller : Hi, our printer is not working.

Customer Service: What is wrong with it?

Caller : Mouse is jammed.

Customer Service: Mouse? … Printers don’t have a mouse!!!

Caller: Mmmmm??.. Oh really? I will send a picture.

Ever Wonder About “Bitcoin”?

Here are some Bitcoin Basics.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin is “virtual currency” between two parties with no “middleman”.
  • The price is not controlled by any bank or country, and is based on what people are willing to exchange them for.
  • Banks and companies are starting to invest in Bitcoin to allow cheaper, faster transactions and stock trading.

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14 Ways To Get Free Advertising For Your Business

Have a limited marketing budget?

No problem; read on for 14 “freebies”.

Quick Takeaways:

  •      Utilize “Google My Business” (see below).
  •      Publish content on LinkedIn.
  •      Create YouTube videos.

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10 Things Your Customer Wish You Knew About Them

Customers are more likely to leave for “rude, rushed” services rather than “slow” service

Customers love pleasant surprises (Zappos will often upgrade to free shipping unexpectedly)
Random acts of kindness have been known to increase business 300%

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20 Habits Of Truly Brilliant Presenters

Here are 20 habits, but you don’t have to incorporate all of them at once.
Focus on 2 or 3 of them each time you present and you will notice a difference.

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