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The Evolution of (Well-Known) Technology Company Logos

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The Hidden Value of Long-Tail SEO



It is the use of: Less Competitive, Highly Specific Keywords

Less Competitive, Highly Specific Keywords

Aka “long-tail” keywords

Case Study: Amazon

Interesting fact: Amazon get 57% of its revenue from long-tail keywords

Example: Amazon sells “wireless headsets”, but

“Wireless headsets” by itself is

too broad and highly competitive

with 20,000,000 search results!!!

What Amazon does:

competes using the long-tail keywords,

for example:

“afterglow wireless headset ps4”

Note that this long-tail keyword is highly specific.

Though the search volume is low, 473,000 search results,

Amazon ranks in the

Top two positions for search results


gets most of the revenue for that keyword

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and also

For example

How Google Feeds Its Employees

Google diet

For example




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37 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats

Email is

40X more effective

than Facebook or Twitter

in getting new customers

Employees spend

13 working hours per week in their email inbox

(on average)

Email ROI: 28.5%

vs 7% for direct mail

Call to action button

vs text link:

28% more conversions


female entrepreneur

The Female Entrepreneur, Women Who Run The World

The Female Entrepreneur: Women who run their world

Horizon Web Marketing is 50% woman owned. Yay!