Why You Should Never Hire Cheap Designers To Edit Your Photos

Quick Takaways:

  • On Fiverr, 3 different designers at three different prices were hired
  • Fees paid were $0.25, $5.00, and $10.00
  • Lastly, the work of a professional designer (named Irene) is shown

Original, unretouched photo

Original vs $0.25 job

Original vs $5.00 job

Original vs $10.00 job

The professional’s job (her name is Irene)

Original vs Irene’s (the professional) job

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The Habits of Effective Leaders

Quick Takeaways:

  • Nearly 2 of 3 people who left their job or plan to said it was because of their boss
  • 58% of workers said they would choose a great boss over a higher salary
  • ​Lao Tzu: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists; when his work is done and aim fulfilled, they will say we did it ourselves.”

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In Defense of the Office Chair

Today’s message:

  • 5 hours: how long an average person sits a day
  • 66% of all work injuries are related to poor work ergonomics
  • ​8 must-have features of an ideal ergonomic chair (see below)

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Business/Leisure Travel and the Coronavirus

Quick Takeaways (regarding Business/Leisure Travel):

  • 70% of people use vacation as a way to catch up on sleep
  • 86% of adults say their happiest childhood memory as a family vacation

Quick Takeaways (regarding Coronavirus):

  • Major Coronavirus symptoms: coughing, fever, shortness of breath
  • If you have traveled outside the US in the past 28 days, see a doctor or healthcare professional

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How Social Media Affects How You Buy

Quick Takeaways:

  • 58% of consumers visit the social media of a brand before visiting the brand website
  • 1 in 4 consumers made a purchase after seeing a story on Instagram
  • Top 3 platforms that drive purchases: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

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