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What Marie Kondo Taught Me About Digital Marketing

Dare I Say It? Even Your Website Might Benefit from "Less is More" TL;DR – The highlights Marie Kondo has taught the world – and me – a method for deciding what is clutter, and what is not, and the value of getting rid of what is We can apply the principle to our...

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SEO Tactics for Better Customer Experience

Driving organic traffic to your website is half the battle. The other half — and probably the trickier to accomplish — is getting these prospects to stay and become your loyal customers. To leverage customer experience as the ultimate marketing tool, you need to...

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SEO is About More than Ranking High on Google

SEO stands for "Search Engine" Optimization. It's Understandable People Get Confused. Almost every day I delete an email from some "SEO" company, often written in broken English, telling me that they can guarantee a high ranking on Google. In the first place, such...

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Mobile Friendly and the Busy CEO: C-Suite SEO Tip #2

Many C-Suite executives, owners, and managers have not really engaged with the notion of their company website being mobile-friendly. In this video I give examples of large companies that haven’t paid attention and I explain the dangers of this. This brief video gives you reasons to engage with this issue now.

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Sale Stoppers: Why Some Websites Never Generate Any Business

"Why have I invested all this money in a website? It never generates any leads or sales for my business!?! What a waste!" Have you ever found yourself screaming in frustration at your website because it's not giving you any return on investment? Guess what, you're...

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Is Your Website Search Engine “Friendly” (Part III)

In Part I of this series (6 Questions to Ask that Will Help You Determine Whether Your Website is Search Engine Friendly) I discussed the need to make your website search engine friendly before you try to do Search Engine Optimization.  I think this is a...

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Infographic: 10 Tips to Keep Visitors 20 Seconds

This infographic is a companion to a blog post we published that gives some easy-to-understand tips that anyone can put into practice to make sure their web content has the best chance of engaging site visitors quickly.     Here's a snippet of the infographic:...

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In Internet Marketing, 10 Will Get You 20

How to Keep a Visitor on Your Site Long Enough to Make Them a Customer According to Internet usability guru Jakob Nielsen, the first 10 seconds are crucial to your online success.  Here's what he says: If the Web page survives this first — extremely harsh —...

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