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SEO Tactics for Better Customer Experience

Driving organic traffic to your website is half the battle. The other half — and probably the trickier to accomplish — is getting these prospects to stay and become your loyal customers. To leverage customer experience as the ultimate marketing tool, you need to...

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Is Your Website Infected with Malware? Free Tools to Help You Check.

Do you know that “bad actors” on the internet will try to infect your site with malware and spam in ways so subtle that you don’t even know they’ve done it? And often they aren’t after your secrets, they just need your website to help them blast spam emails, practice negative SEO, or host hundreds of advertising pages you don’t even know about. In this video (with audio transcript) we take a look at a number of other tools that require no technical expertise to use, and we find that they are not all created equal.

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Sale Stoppers: Why Some Websites Never Generate Any Business

"Why have I invested all this money in a website? It never generates any leads or sales for my business!?! What a waste!" Have you ever found yourself screaming in frustration at your website because it's not giving you any return on investment? Guess what, you're...

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Splitboarding and Web Design

Splitboarding vs Snowboarding My friend Erin Pheil (owner of Followbright, a web design company) and I were discussing splitboarding, a passion of hers, and how she views another passion, web design. First of all, “What is a splitboard?” I asked. She explained that a...

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