Build your Audience, Build your Brand

Successful car salesmanMarketing your brand means communicating with your audience.  On the web, content marketing is how that is done.

Content marketing means creating interesting, useful and relevant information that your prospective client will enjoy. Over time, some of your audience will become clients. And they may share your information with others. As your audience grows, your brand grows.

Content marketing is not advertising. You aren’t trying to sell anything. You are communicating and building a loyal audience.  With so much information easy to find and so many choices available to consumers today, brand loyalty is an important factor in growing your sales.

Forms of Content Marketing

Content marketing takes many forms and a good campaign uses all of them to keep things fresh and interesting. Content may include lots of interesting text, but it should also have a strong visual element.  Good web content comes in many forms:

  • Informational Blogs and Articles
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts
  • Other activities like contests that allow your audience to participate

Communicate Often, or be Forgotten

Like all relationships, it’s vital that your online communication be regular and frequent.  If your communication is far apart or haphazard, your audience may have forgotten you and you’ll be starting all over with building their interest, which means you won’t get very far in your goal to build interest in your brand. Steady, regular and varied communications will keep your audience interested and build their awareness of your brand over time.

Mobile Content Strategy

Linked In home page on a mobile phoneMobile is rapidly outpacing traditional desktop viewing, so your content, like your website, should be formatted to please mobile users.

Content marketing is time-consuming and requires planning, research, writing skills, social media knowledge and skills like making infographics and videos.  As a business owner,you are busy running your business and doing what you love.

This is where Horizon can help.

Horizon Content Marketing Services

Horizon works with you to understand your business, your target clientele and your goals.  We learn your business so we can speak to your audience for you.  We’ll help you put a content plan in place, execute on schedule, and help you build a following.

Your plan may include all or some types of content – we’ll go over the options with you and build a customized content plan that is just right for your business.

Build your brand online with content marketing from Horizon Web Marketing.