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CRO:  Conversion Rate Optimization

Get More Customers with the Same Amount of Web Traffic

This is about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  CRO focuses on getting your visitors to stick around longer, interact more with the site, and ultimately take some kind of action that may lead to a sales opportunity.

One big benefit is if you already have Pay Per Click or SEO programs in place, effective CRO will definitely save you money by lowering your cost of customer acquisition.

How does CRO work?

graph of three growth curves on a digital tablet with a cup of cCRO begins with a thorough review of your website and your business goals. The two must be aligned. If there are gaps, initial work will need to be done to get your website to align with your business goals.  

For example, if your business goal is to increase sales, we would want to examine if your website elements support sales growth. Do you have a healthy website (so search engines can find your website), clear messages, good graphics and layout?

Additionally if your website loads very slowly, increasing sales conversions will be difficult since visitors are unlikely to wait for pages to load. If the goal is to increase sales by selling online,  do you have secure e-commerce capability on your website?

What are conversions?

Any action taken by a web visitor (beyond just reading and leaving), such as the following:

signing up for a newsletter
• calling
• making an appointment
• buying something 

 After analysis, steps will be taken to:

  • Create conversion opportunities on the site, such as 
    • more prominent and frequent placement of your phone number
    • more effective form fills
    • more invitations to download useful information
  • Set up and report analytics tracking to measure:
    • number of visitors to the page
    • number of actions taken (conversions)
    • Bounce rate (how often and where do visitors leave your site?)
    • Other statistics such as average time on the site and average number of page views
  • Create landing pages designed to optimize conversions, and carry out testing, called A/B testing (switching out one element) or MVT multivariate testing (many elements) to see what works best.
  • Track visitor “path” to conversion to find most effective website

Conversion rate optimization increases sales by increasing your conversion rate 

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the ratio of conversions to visitors.  For example, if your website has 2000 visits per month and 20 conversions,  your conversion rate is 1% (20/2000)

If your number of conversion doubles (to 40 conversions) on the same amount of traffic (2,000 visits/month), then your sales opportunities will double (40/2000 = 2%)

Optimizing your conversion rate is critical to your sales growth 

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