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Corporate In-House SEO Training? 7 Questions Answered

by | May 8, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO Training

SEO Training for Teams

We offer SEO training for companies who want their employees trained in house. But there are always a lot of questions. In this 7-minute video lead SEO trainer Ross Barefoot answers the most 7 common questions about in-house corporate SEO training (an audio transcript follows the video, if you’re one of those brave souls who would prefer to read)

Audio Transcript

Ross: If you have questions about in house customized corporate SEO training, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be answering the top seven corporate SEO training questions right after this.

Hi, I’m Ross Barefoot with Horizon Web Marketing. You may know that we don’t just do SEO consulting. We also produce SEO training videos, SEO training workshops. We even have a division of our company called the Horizon Web Marketing Academy, which is a partner of the Search Engine Academy. You may not know, though, that we also do in house corporate SEO training where we come to you and train your team. I’ve done another video where I talk about the common mistakes that companies make when they bring their SEO in house. One of those mistakes is to put people into roles without the proper training. People who do SEO with appropriate knowledge and skills can actually do more harm to your website and to your web marketing than good. You may have questions around this subject, and in fact, that’s the point of this video. I’m going to answer the most common questions that we have about our corporate SEO training. Let’s get started right now.

Number one question is always what’s the minimum or maximum number of trainees. Well, there’s really no minimum per se, but we do have a minimum price, so where it starts to usually make financial sense for a company is if you have at least three people to train. Now, SEO trainers have taught groups as large as 20 people successfully, but often the best number of employees is around five to ten. That’s a good sized team.

What about curriculum and customization? You probably know web marketing and search engine optimization any more are broad, demanding fields so you may legitimately wonder, “Well, what does the training include?” For corporate SEO training, that can vary a lot because the biggest single advantage of dedicated training is that we customize it to your company’s situation. Now, you can go to our website, and I’ll give you a link in the description here where we list the curriculum for our typical five day workshop. You can take a look at which subjects to give you an idea of the types of subjects that we do training on, but again, our corporate SEO training is designed specifically for your company and your team.

So the next question is typically, “Well what does the company need to provide for us to come in and train?” Well, first of all, remember that bit about customization? For us to create a program to suit your business, we usually are going to ask you for some access to at least your website analytics. That’s because part of our corporate training effort is to assess where your program stands right now so that we can make sure and address your key needs. In addition to some access, there’s the more obvious stuff. We need your company to provide a training room large enough to accommodate the group, and it does need to be an area where the group can focus without any unnecessary interruption. Now, some companies will opt for a virtual training space away from the main office to make sure their employees get the best experience. Also, it’s best if each of your employees has a laptop or a workstation ready. Remember this is a workshop type of training, so we’d like students to be able to follow along on their machines and even implement where it’s appropriate to what they’re learning.

So question number four is usually, “Well, how long is the class, either in terms of hours or days?” Typically a class starts at about 9:00, goes to 5:00 with an hour or so off for lunch and a couple of breaks. It can also last any number of days depending on the level of customization and what your needs really are, but typically we do in house training programs in two, three, or five day segments.

Question number five is, “Well, what if we have different types of employees needing different types of training?” This often is a really tough problem. For example, I’m preparing to conduct a training in just a couple of weeks for a company that has a team of web developers that need to get a handle on technical SEO, but they also have content creators that need to know SEO so that they can create and pursue content strategies that align with SEO goals. Well, here again, the advantage is in the customization. Now, often we will teach the fundamentals of search to employees that have different job assignments because a holistic understanding of how search works and what works with search engine optimization can get the whole team playing on the same game so to speak. But then we can structure a program where training is split and focused differently for different job roles.

Question number six, we’re usually asked, “Well, who actually does the training and the customization?” Well, as it so happens, I’m the lead SEO trainer and the chief SEO strategist at Horizon Web Marketing, and I usually lead the in house corporate SEO training. I also usually am the person that will get on the phone and work with you to craft a workable program. Now, as you can imagine, this does limit the number of corporate SEO training clients we can accept each year, but we’re committed to keeping our program small enough to ensure the type of quality instruction our clients expect.

Now, the big question, “Well, how much does all of this cost?” Usually you’re going to have to consider budgeting anywhere in the range of one to three thousand dollars per employee for in house training. Because our training varies so much from company to company and situation to situation, we can’t really come up with a price that we can just plug into a page or even a video like this, but we can give you a very specific and a very competitive price as soon as we have a conversation and learn more about your needs, so call us at 702-836-3278 to have that conversation. Select option one when you call in.

Well, I hope that answers some of your questions, and in the answers you see how a powerful, customized in house corporate SEO training program can help your company. Now, if you want to save time on that phone call, go to, Train My Team, and fill out our secure, no obligation quote request form, which will get us started. Again, my name is Ross Barefoot, I’m with Horizon Web Marketing and Horizon Web Marketing Academy, and I look forward to training your team.




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