What You Don’t Know About Google Advertising Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

Google AdWords LogoComplimentary Google AdWords Workshop


This 90-minute, complimentary workshop is concise and laser focused on the basic ways to NOT throw away money in Google’s popular AdWords digital advertising platform.  Most of what we cover is usually unknown to businesses who are managing their own AdWords programs.

  • Evaluate whether Google Advertising makes sense for your business situation.
  • Learn the most basic, common mistakes that might sabotage your effort to get the best value from your Google Ad dollars
Refreshments Will Be Provided

Note: This program does not cover “AdWords Express” other than we point out the difference between Google AdWords Express and standard AdWords.

Who Should Take This Workshop

This class was designed for non-AdWords-professionals, which means it’s perfect for:

    • Business owners
    • General managers
    • Marketing executives
    • Web developers
    • Digital marketing knowledge workers
    • Organic SEO consultants needing a quick study on AdWords


If you’re a digital marketing agency, and you’ve been struggling to feel good about managing AdWords accounts for your clients (because you feel like you’re in over your head), you could benefit from it as well.