Real World SEO: Essentials (Training Course)

When SEO gets Real It Gets Useful

Real World SEO Essentials online video course logoReal World SEO (training course) distills the latest in search marketing and optimization principles to a format that is understandable to small businesses and professionals.  Best of all, it is actionable without spending your life studying SEO.

Try the first 3 modules of our 9-module “Essentials” course for FREE and see what we mean.

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Free Search Engine Optimization Sampler Course

Our full Real World SEO: Essentials course is 9 modules comprising about 8 hours of instruction. It is scheduled to be released on December 15th. We are releasing these first 3 modules ahead of time and free of charge so that you can decide for yourself whether enrollment in the full class will benefit you. Here’s the synopsis of the first three, free modules.

Ross Barefoot SEO instructor teaching at video displayModule 1 – Introduction (view for free)

  • The Starting Point: pragmatic SEO
  • Be ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work
  • Expectations for the course
  • What you will need
  • What the goals of the course are

Module 2 – Basic Understanding (view for free)

  • How search engines find web pages
  • How they organize and store web page content
  • The anatomy of a SERP
  • Why certain sites are ranked higher than others

Module 3 – Evaluating Your Website (view for free)

      • How to evaluate your current website
      • The importance of KPI’s (key performance indicators)
      • Getting started with Google Analytics and Google Search Console
      • Resources for evaluating your website such as Open Site Explorer

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Next steps

Ok, now that you see what’s covered are you convinced that free is a good deal? Great!