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Google AdWords 2 Day Workshop:

Stop Wasting Money in your Google AdWords Campaign and Start Getting Results

Online Marketing and pay per click concept. Digital marketing online promotion traffic concept internet bisiness and advertising icons. For website graphics, mobile apps, web page layout design.If you’re spending on Google AdWords, you know how hard it can be to get the results you want. Businesses who don’t know how to get better ad placements, better customer response at lower costs struggle to stay in the game.

Let us show you how Google prioritizes ads and how you can lower your costs by improving the quality of your ads and landing pages. We know how to reduce wasted clicks that cost you money, and improve your conversion rate of people just looking to becoming buyers so your business gets more sales.


Google AdWords Case Studies

Let’s look at a couple of case studies from our AdWords department.

Moving Company Moves the Needle on Ad Conversions

Case Study Number 1: When a local family-owned moving company* first approached us for help they were spending $125,000 a year  in Google AdWords.  This got them 2,273 leads.  We were able to point out a number of changes that affected their ads and their spending.

Fast forward 12 months.  Spending dropped by 15%, saving them almost $20,000. At the same time they received  220 MORE leads than the year before and this enabled them to rank the same or better than the big national chains having much larger advertising budgets.

     Ad Spend    15%           Leads    10%

Linens Retailer Cleans Up its AdWords Campaign

Case Study Number 2: National B2B linen company* had set themselves a big task: to break into the B2C market using Google AdWords.  At first they experienced the same seemingly insurmountable learning curve that so many businesses face using Google AdWords.  By the time they came to us for help they were spending over $25 with Google for every linens sale.

After helping them for six months the cost of each sale dropped to less than $22, a cost reduction of 15%. But more importantly, their e-commerce conversion rate (of people who took action after viewing their ads) improved by 45% and their average order size went up by 12%+.  

Cost per conversion    15%        Order Value    12%     Conversions  ⇧  45%

 The difference? 

Knowing how to stop wasted spending and improve customer responses to their Google Ads.

  • Company names are not provided to protect their privacy, however the numbers reflect actual results.

Now you can learn these same AdWords methods!

Solve the Mysteries of a Good AdWords Campaign

  • businesswoman with messy hair at her laptop getting frustrated over a bad ad campaign resultAre you a business who has been considering Google AdWords, but have been overwhelmed by what you need to know to get started?
  • Or are you a business that tried AdWords but found that it was so expensive, with such minimal results, that you quit after only a few months?
  • Are you managing a campaign but not happy with the results?
  • Do you wonder how other companies seem to make Google Ads pay but you can’t?
  • Or, are you a marketing professional who needs to learn AdWords in order to help your clients?

Then you need to attend this workshop.

Google AdWords Two-Day Workshop

In 2 days you will have your Google AdWords campaign up and running. You will leave the class knowing more about making Google Ads effective than 9 out of 10 businesses, giving your AdWords campaign a big head start on the competition.

Some of the things you will learn in our Google AdWords two-day workshop:

  • Understand the complicated AdWords dashboard and learn how to easily master it
  • About 20 students with laptops in classroom attending an AdWords workshop from behind with instructor at front in front of information screenSelect the keywords that will bring you not just traffic but results
  • How a little thing called “match type” can be either your worst nightmare or your most powerful ally
  • The positive effect of negative keywords
  • How to write ads to compel people to click, and then test for the best version
  • How to track visitors from click to capture so you can measure every dollar you spend (and spend fewer dollars)
  • Understand scheduling and bidding strategies
  • Know how to set up powerful, dynamic ads
  • Manage your budget to prevent unpleasant surprises
  • Google’s Quality Score: what it is, how Google calculates it, and how to use it to gain a competitive advantage
  • The magic of effective landing pages

Come Ready to Work on your Existing Google AdWords Account

Since this is a hands-on workshop, it is helpful if you already have an existing AdWords account (if you need help setting one up, let us know and we’ll give you a link to a free webinar to guide you).

This workshop can also be a rich resource to help you prepare for the Google Certified AdWords Professional examinations.

Sign up today, class size is limited to 20 students so that the workshop atmosphere can be preserved.

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