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Question: How Do I Add My Business to Google?

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Classes and Training, Google My Business, Internet Marketing, Local Businesses, SEO How-To, SEO Training

Answer: It’s probably already there. Now you need to claim it!

One of the most frequent questions businesses ask us is “how do I add my business to Google?”

The fact is, Google “crawlers” (automated programs that browse the world’s websites) are constantly scouring the Internet to find every business known to woman and man (and some that aren’t yet known), adding them proactively to their index of local businesses. They’ve probably already found yours.

Google long ago set its sites on replacing the old fashioned Yellow Pages (ask your Grandpa about them sometime) with a complete directory of everything business. This is what powers their “Maps” program, which guides millions of people every day to businesses that offer goods and services they need.

Then Google realized it had a problem on its hands: much of the information about businesses it was showing in its search results was incorrect. Who better to correct that information than the owners of the businesses themselves.

Thus was born “Google My Business” in 2014. GMB emerged as a tool for business owners to cooperate with Google in correcting and updating their business information.

And in the 6+ years since GMB was introduced Google has been constantly expanding its features and complicating its interface.  Google has a process for this, but many business owners never take advantage of it. Or, if they try to, often they make mistakes that will actually hinder the effectiveness of their business listing in Google Search. The GMB landscape is vast and often confusing.

In this 90 minute Masterclass, we show you how to get started in your role as the ultimate authority over your own business information. Here’s what we cover:

  • What Google My Business is and how it affects Google’s search results
  • How Google My Business information can help a business dominate Google’s search results
  • How to find out if Google already has a listing for YOUR business in GMB
  • How to claim that listing as your own so no one else can make unauthorized changes to your information
  • What the verification process is, and how to navigate it
  • Things you need to know about the way you represent your business name
  • The importance of choosing the right business category, along with an insider secret to finding every relevant category you could rank for


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