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How to Increase Office Productivity and Happiness

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Roy’s 1-Minute Marketing Messages

Hi, This is Roy.
Welcome to my next 1-minute message, designed
for short-attention-span people (like me).
(For those not familiar with this, here are short sound-bites
in business and internet marketing, in 1-minute format.)

Today’s message: How To Run a Productive and Happy Office
Some takeaways:

  • 69% of employees said they would work harder if better appreciated/recognized
  • Most common productivity pitfalls: unclear objectives, unclear priorities, procrastination
  • Cut down on meetings: 69% of employees feel that meetings are unproductive

how to run a happy and productive office
cut down on meetings
work life balance infographic
email productivity
productivity pitfalls
allow music and social networking
appreciate your employees
name badges international

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