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How to Verify Google Search Console Domain Property Types

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO How-To, SEO Tips and Tricks

How to Verify Google Search Console Domain Property Types in 2019

We’re big fans of Google Search Console, and not just for techy SEO types like us.

We think that business marketing people and managers can get a lot unique insights about their market and their customers using this free webmaster tool. In fact we recently did a webinar on that subject here.

The one complaint we’ve had in the past about Search Console is that you have to set up subdomains and root domains as separate properties. So for example, if you had (as one of our customers does) a for your ecommerce but your primary website runs on, you had to track them separately in Google Search Console.

Google Introduces the Domain Property Type in Search Console

Well, as of Spring 2019 those days are behind us. Google now has something called a “domain property” in the Console which will consolidate all the traffic from all of your various domains in one location. How sweet is that? (Well, if you spend much time in GSC you’ll know it’s pretty sweet.)

But there’s a catch: it’s a little more difficult to set up one of these domain property types in Google Search Console. You see, you can’t use the Search Console unless you prove to Google that you are authorized to dig into the data for your website. Google has five, count ’em, five different methods to do this, and we have a course in our Horizon Web Marketing Academy that covers all these methods.

If you want to use the domain property type, instead of 5, you have only one possible verification method.

This video will walk you through the process of using that method and getting started.

We give you a brief glimpse of websites using something called Cpanel, and our full demo is of a site running on DreamHost, but if you have a different type of website, we think you’ll still be able to benefit from this instruction.

We’d love to hear your comments or questions below.


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