Horizon Web Marketing Testimonials

Horizon Web Marketing has helped us make a huge turnaround in our online presence and lead generation. Their team is highly knowledgeable, they took the time to know and understand our business, and they are focused on driving the right traffic to our website.

We have worked with them for over a year now and have seen a complete turnaround not only in the number of leads we received through organic and paid advertising but more importantly the quality of those leads are greatly improved. The team at Horizon continues to produce quality content and make suggestions that help improve our position.

One thing I highly recommend for anyone responsible for online lead generation or hiring for this position is to sign up for the training Horizon offers. This gave me a great understanding of the work it takes and the continuous effort that is needed to run a successful campaign. It also allowed me a lot of insight on who they are as a company and the things they do for their clients. There is no better “interview process” and for the week of time and money spent I wish I could hire every vendor/employee in this manner.

Roy Nakamura from Horizon Web Marketing is more than just a web marketing advisor, he’s a marketing advisor, a coach and a friend. He’s wise and articulate, and he never makes you feel uncomfortable if you are not familiar with something or if you want to digest something he had to say and therefore ask him to repeat or go slower with his explanation. Roy has helped me in so many ways: he has been a mentor and inspiration to a friend who is an entrepreneur and wanted to grow his tutoring practice, his workshops have taught me aspects of web marketing that I was unfamiliar with, his group newsletters or emails are always entertaining and useful, and his personal analysis of my new website resonated deeply to my gut instincts in marketing. He understood my frustration that my initial reactions to the work my web designer had accomplished, while appealing and beautiful, were not up to my expectations as a potential sales generator, which was my purpose for the site (although the rest of the team’s marketing and branding efforts were phenomenal). And he gave me many pointers so that I could remedy the situation immediately and therefore didn’t have to return to my web designer to make changes. Those pointers had an immediate impact.

Roy is engaging and interested. He seems to truly care about everyone he connects with. I can’t speak well enough about Roy, he’s just a pure joy to know and you are lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him. I respect him; I respect his advice. He’s definitely one of my favorite business colleagues even though we’ve only met virtually.

Thank you team for all of your hard work and dedication…….August was our best month since we opened May 1st and it is because of this team….Congratulations to all of you!

Since working with Horizon Web Marketing we have gotten numerous compliments on our website. And we’re very pleased with the improved search ranking results we’ve enjoyed through Roy’s SEO program. We have enjoyed a significant increase in inquiries from the website which have brought us new customers.  We’ve seen our business grow over the last couple of years and believe that Horizon’s work has contributed to that growth.

We at Lexus of Las Vegas are pleased with Roy and his team at Horizon Web Marketing.   They have helped attract new visitors to our website and to our showroom.  We like the fine job that they have done to create new content for our website, Facebook and other social media, in compliance with Lexus corporate marketing standards.   Most of all we are impressed with Horizon’s responsiveness, ability to turn a campaign on a dime, and individual attention.