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How to Check if Your Website is Mobile Friendly - A Non-Techy Approach (C-Suite SEO Tip #3)

This video was designed to walk you through 3 different easy, free, non-technical ways to see if your website is ready for mobile users (mobile friendly). There is also an audio transcript for you to skim through quickly. Essential information if you're making sure your web developers have done their jobs.

Mobile Friendly and the Busy CEO: C-Suite SEO Tip #2

Many C-Suite executives, owners, and managers have not really engaged with the notion of their company website being mobile-friendly. In this video I give examples of large companies that haven't paid attention and I explain the dangers of this. This brief video gives you reasons to engage with this issue now.

Website Checker Review: SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a free, Australian website checker that's been around since 2012. It looks clean and modern, but what sort of job will it do checking your SEO? This video review is part of our ongoing series covering website SEO checkers, tools that will check the search engine optimization of a page or pages on your website to see how well they measure up against SEO best practices.
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C-Suite SEO Tip #1: Target the Right Metrics

Measuring the success of SEO is a challenge, but it can't be done if you're looking at "vanity metrics" instead of numbers that matter to your business success. Read this to understand the difference between Key Performance Indicators and Vanity Performance Indicators and get ideas that will improve your marketing.
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What is Personalization of Search Results? (Video)

What is personalization of search and why does it matter? This is an important topic in SEO and this video with accompanying transcript to explain how Google and Bing customize their search results based on the searcher, and what implication this has for tracking your digital marketing results. Edit snippet
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Video - How to Use Our SEO Audit Essentials Checklist (7 minutes)

Have You Downloaded Our Free SEO Audit Checklist Yet? (If…

Website Tool Review: SEO Analyzer from SEO Centro

Don't be Fooled by its Old School Appearance In a lot of ways…

What Should an SEO Audit Cover? 10 Essential SEO Areas.

In this post we discuss 10 essential elements of a thorough, professional SEO audit should include, including technical SEO, relevance elements, website speed, authority, and more. We also link you up with our free SEO audit checklist, a document that will help you walk through the process. Read or watch the video.

SEO Analyser is a Free SEO Checker, How Does it Stack Up?

Neil Patel's Free SEO Check Up Tool is Easy to Use (TL;DR -…

Can Free SEO Checkers Help Your Business Website?

What Kind of SEO Tool This Post Covers First let me explain…