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Pay per Click Campaign Audit

Poor Performance from your Paid Advertising Campaigns?

panicking businessman in horror looking at the laptop screen - iPaid advertising on Google (AdWords) can take a big chunk of your marketing budget.  Add in Bing and Yahoo, remarketing fees and lead-tracking programs, landing page design and copywriting, and you can be racking up a big advertising bill.

But, is it doing the job you had hoped?  What’s your ROI and does it meet your expectations?

AdWords has gotten very Competitive: Strategy Matters More than Ever

Over the last few years, paid advertising has grown enormously. Everyone is doing it. Your competitors are doing it.  So the battle for top of page is getting harder, and more expensive.

As Google’s formula for picking the best advertisers to highlight for their search audience has become more sophisticated and as more companies have hired experts to carry out large and complex ad campaigns, the days of easy AdWords and going it alone are gone.

The good news is that today there are many tools and techniques that can help capture exactly the kind of clicks you are looking for, keep you on target and on budget, and increase your leads and conversions.  Used properly, these techniques will result in a more competitive and effective ad campaign that will reduce your cost per lead and improve conversions.

Find Opportunities and Lower Costs with a Pay per Click Assessment

US one hundred dollar bills falling from a blue sky.Most pay per click campaigns have a number of problems, oversights and inefficiencies that spend extra money unnecessarily.  Poorly run campaigns are doubly painful, as they not only cost more, but they cost you business by not bringing in and converting viable leads for you.

Our pay per click assessment is designed to help businesses improve existing ad campaigns, whether large or small, self or professionally managed.  Some of the things we’ll help identify that are costing you money:

  • ads poorly matched to searcher behavior
  • non-performing ads that hurt your “Quality Score”, and thereby increase your cost per lead
  • unfocused ad groups
  • keywords too broad, resulting in wasted clicks
  • failure to take advantage of negative keywords
  • improper bidding and matching
  • keywords don’t match ads
  • landing pages don’t match ads
  • landing pages that fail to convert
  • No or poor use of “day parting” (ad scheduling at different times of the day)
  • Poor calls to action
  • Poor lead capture
  • Failure to track vital analytics

Roadmap to PPC Savings

We’ll provide you with a roadmap for correcting weaknesses in your campaign and integrate your AdWords campaign with Google Analytics. We’ll set up conversion tracking, make keyword recommendations, set up your new ad groups and make other corrections to your AdWords campaigns based on our findings.  And, we’ll provide guidance on revising ad copy and landing page design.

Sign up for a Pay per Click audit with Horizon and you’ll find it pays for itself in savings and better ROI. Contact us to find out more today.




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