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Online Paid Advertising/PPC

Get fast results with paid search engine advertising


Paid advertising, sometimes called pay-per-click, is a huge factor in search marketing and has become a highly complex and competitive marketing tool for retailers, service providers and other major business sectors.  To realize a good return on Google AdWords expenditures or the equivalent on Bing or Yahoo, requires careful keyword research, skillful ad copy, appropriate and effective landing pages and careful monitoring to optimize cost per lead (CPL) and cost per conversion (CPC).

Pay per click advertising has some advantages over SEO. In some fields, such as retail, where it’s important to capture specific traffic and be able to advertise sales and special items quickly, pay per click is highly effective.  Pay per click programs have a faster impact in contrast to SEO which takes a significant amount of time to ramp up. A solid web marketing program will use one or both of these methods to assure a strong overall presence on organic search page results.

For a more effective Pay per Click campaign

  • Remarketing programs to follow visitors and remind them of your brand
  • Landing page design to finely tune conversion factors for particular campaigns
  • A/B testing to test the effectiveness of one ad or landing page over another and thus reduce cost
  • Call and conversion tracking to be able to report leads and capture results

PPC can also be finely targeted, matching very specific keywords, advertising copy and custom designed landing pages that give your searcher as exact a match as possible to what they are looking for.  With monthly analytics, analysis and reporting, we work closely with you to fine tune the program to achieve.

Professionally managed PPC Campaign services include a customized program based on your budget and goals:

  • Consultation to set goals and parameters for the campaign
  • Set up Google AdWords and Bing and Yahoo as needed
  • Research and selection of appropriate keywords
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Design and publication of keyword appropriate landing page or pages (extra charges may apply)
  • Set up, monitoring and management of the campaign
  • Monthly campaign analysis, reporting and adjustments if needed

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