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Roy’s Blog: SEO and the “Date Doctor”

by | Jul 26, 2013 | General Topics

In the movie “Hitch” Will Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, the Date Doctor, whose mission is to show awkward, unpopular guys how to get the girl of their dreams.

SEO guru Ross Barefoot likens search engine optimization (SEO) to the Date Doctor as follows:

· The awkward, unpopular guy is your website
· The girl of our dreams is Google
· The Date Doctor is SEO (search engine optimization)

Ross describes three steps whereby the Date Doctor can help the awkward guy get the girl, or how SEO can help your website get the attention and high ranking of Google.

1. Step 1 – Tolerability. The guy has to be made tolerable. Similarly your website has to be made tolerable or “search engine friendly”to Google,
2. Step 2 – Likeability. Next, the tolerable guy has to be made likeable. Your tolerable or search engine friendly website needs to be made likeable by containing valuable, attractive content by which you’ll get the attention of Google and website visitors.
3. Step 3 – High Desirability. Finally the likeable guy has to become highly desirable – the life of the party. Your “likeable” website has to become so popular that other people want to link to it (called “enhanced inbound link popularity”).

Here’s the video where Ross explains the Date Doctor and SEO:


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