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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Although you’ll hear different definitions of the term “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM), at Horizon we treat it as a broader description than its more frequently heard cousin, “SEO” (here’s an SEO vs SEM comparison).

Two hikers enjoying sunrise from top of a mountainSEM is often used to describe paid advertising, such as pay-per-click ads. We also manage paid advertising campaigns for our clients.

As part of our SEM/SEO consulting we help you to:

  • Analyze your online target audience
  • Profile your ideal search customer
  • Identify your “unique selling proposition”
  • Craft your Internet marketing message
  • Determine your Internet marketing budget priorities
  • Create a plan and a timetable for implementing your strategy

Whether you participate in one of our Pay per Click or SEO packages, or opt for a one time audit or consultation services, helping you to analyse, profile, craft a message and assign priorities is part of the process.

Not sure if SEO/SEM is working for you?

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Horizon is also available to consult with you on any of these issues and help define what would work best for your business, your goals and the level and effectiveness of your current web marketing and optimization programs.  We offer a comprehensive audit of your SEO program that uses advanced techniques to determine the health of the many factors that impact rankings and conversion success.  We also offer consulting on an as-needed basis, customized to your needs.

SEO Services

Google recommends that you seek only high quality, professional SEO services that don’t cut corners, or offer quick-fix solutions that don’t work.  SEO requires lots of work from both the SEO provider and you, the client. But done correctly, SEO will help make sure your business is highly visible to your target audience on search engines where it matters.

Here’s a video from Google that will give you a good idea of how to evaluate an SEO provider before you hire them. These are the practices we follow at Horizon.  We are so dedicated to following the best Google guidelines that we also teach SEO:

The process of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, consists of these basic component pieces:

  • Keyword research
  • Technical analysis of your existing website (or, if you are contemplating a new website, technical guidelines for its development)
  • Tracking and Understanding Your Visitors
  • Creation of content that will appeal both to human visitors and to search engines
  • Implementation of the right keywords strategically placed throughout your site
  • Creation of links from other websites to your site
  • Integration of your website to other Internet “points of presence” (for example Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, 3rd party blogs, digital news media outlets, etc.)

Each of the above “optimization” items could constitute a technical seminar (and in fact they do).  Our team is experienced and well-trained at taking a search engine “marketing” strategy and “optimizing” your online properties to strategically maximize your marketing.

Find out how SEO can make help improve your website ROI.

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