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SEO Audit

Why do you need an SEO Audit? “Black hat” cleanup

Many older websites may employ older SEO techniques that are now considered “black hat”, and so are in violation of current search engine guidelines and best practices. Examples of “black hat” include the creation of hundreds of meaningless links or excessive keyword repetition on a web page.  These techniques may cause a website to be blacklisted by search engines. Although most SEO’s have stopped using these “black hat” techniques, many business websites are still suffering from the penalties associated with such work. 

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SEO, but no results?

But what if you have invested in an SEO program that doesn’t employ “black hat”, yet still aren’t seeing results. Your SEO company may have provided new pages, written new blogs, sent reports, and generally seem to be trying hard. Despite these things, rankings are still struggling after many months or even years of effort. What’s wrong?

SEO Audit – Optimization Path to Health

Could be time for an SEO audit.  We will take a look at such things as:

  • Website Health – look for issues with design, code and settings essential to having your webpages indexed by search engines and provide an appealing experience to visitors.
  • User Experience (UX) – examine the human experience of your website including the user journey flow and aesthetic appeal
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – examine how well your website visitors are doing what you want them to do, such as calling to make appointments, signing up for your newsletter, providing email addresses, etc.
  • Competitive Landscape – examining who is ranking well for your target market, what strategies do they use and how can you adjust  your SEO strategy to pass them by?
  • Keywords – provide research that will you tell which keyword phrases will be most successful if optimized for your website, and which to stay away from
  • Content – examine and recommend simple, yet powerful messaging that engages your target market
  • Local – if relevant to your business, examine how well you are doing to attract local customers

Your Audit Report – The Path to SEO Success

Stepping StonesWe will provide an SEO audit report , which can be used as a roadmap to more effective SEO strategy.  The report will  include a set of recommendations for implementation by your webmaster and marketing team to improve your website’s ability to rank in search engines.  We will be available to assist you with implementation, but many of the changes we may recommend do not require a great deal of technical knowledge and you can make them yourself.

For example, types of recommendations that will be included and that you will be able to implement immediately include:

  • Google Webmaster Tools set up for monitoring and maintaining a healthy SEO environment
  • Google Analytics tracking recommendations for measuring results including customized goals and reports
  • Recommend key performance indicators (KPI’s) to set up and track factors important to your business
  • Recommend calls to action, form fills and other methods to better convert web visitors to paying customers
  • Content plan recommendations in an editorial calendar format
  • Local search set up recommendations

For more information regarding our SEO Audit program, give us a call at 702-836-3278 (extension 1) or contact us today.


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