SEO Assessment and Strategy

Why do you need an SEO Audit?

Like any new market or technology, the web marketing landscape, and Google’s organic search algorithm specifically, have become more sophisticated and complex. Old techniques of building hundreds of meaningless links or repeating keywords over and over on an otherwise poorly designed page no longer work.  In fact, they can be harmful enough to get your website Modern office workplaceblacklisted by the search engines. Although most SEO’s have stopped using these “black hat” techniques, a lot of businesses are still suffering the penalties associated with past SEO work. Other businesses don’t understand the more complex world of “white hat” SEO, and don’t know where to start.

SEO, but no results?

But what if you have invested in a solid SEO program, yet you still aren’t seeing the results you expected. Many businesses have engaged SEO firms who have upgraded webpages and worked with the website. They’ve provided some new page and they write blogs and send reports, and generally seem to be trying hard. But, rankings are still struggling after many months or even years of effort. What’s wrong?

SEO Audit – Optimization Path to Health

A successful SEO campaign depends on a number of factors that have to be working together in order to succeed in the real world marketplace. When these factors are in place, your webpages will rank better in search results and your website will become a more effective tool for attracting and converting more visitors to customers.

When you engage us for an SEO Audit, we will evaluate your online presence in a number of areas, including:

  • Website health – look for issues with design, code and settings essential to having your webpages indexed by search engines and provide an appealing experience to visitors.
  • Competitive landscape – who is ranking well for your target market, what strategies do they use and how can you adjust  your SEO strategy to pass them by?
  • Keywords – research that will tell which keyword phrases will be most successful if optimized for your website
  • Content – analyze  your current website content strategy
  • Local – if relevant to your business, how are you doing in terms of local search factors?

Our experienced web marketing consulting team will apply their  knowledge and a number of  powerful analytical tools to complete a full analysis of your situation. The results will be provided to you in a detailed set of recommendations, which we will personally review with you from beginning to end.

SEO Path to Success

Stepping StonesYour SEO audit report will provide you with a roadmap for moving forward with a more effective SEO strategy.  Our consultant will prepare a set of recommendations for implementation by your webmaster and marketing team that will correct and improve your website’s ability to rank in search engines.  Our team is available to assist you with implementation, but many of the changes we may recommend do not require a great deal of technical knowledge and you can make them yourself.

Here are some of the kinds of recommendations that will be included and that you will be able to implement immediately for a more effective SEO program:

  • Google Webmaster Tools settings for monitoring and maintaining a healthy SEO environment
  • Google Analytics tracking recommendations for measuring results including customized goals and reports
  • Recommended key performance indicators (KPI’s) to set up and track factors important to your business
  • Recommendations as needed for website remediation to provide a strong platform for improving conversions from your web visits
  • Content plan including recommended topics for pages and blogs in an editorial calendar format
  • Local search set up recommendations

For more information on our SEO Audit program or any SEO consulting needs, give us a call or contact us today.