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Can Free SEO Checkers Help Your Business Website?

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO How-To, SEO Tips and Tricks

What Kind of SEO Tool This Post Covers

[Update: I update this regularly to give you links to reviews as I post them. You’ll find them at the bottom of this post. Click here to jump there.]

First let me explain what I mean by an SEO Checker: Essentially it’s a diagnostic tool that will examine any web page and tell you what is right and wrong with it from a Search Engine’s perspective.

There are very sophisticated versions of these tools that cost a bunch to access, but there are also some pretty good ones that are free.  And, to be fair, there are some pretty poor ones that are free as well.  In fact, in some cases we’ve seen SEO Check Up tools that even give erroneous results or obsolete optimization instructions.

In most cases these tools will offer advice and recommendations for how to take the information they give you and put it to good use in optimizing your website for better results in search.

What’s a Website Owner to Do?

So what SEO diagnostic tools can you trust?  Is it enough to do a search on Bing or Google and go with whatever comes up in the top results?

And then, even if you do go “all in” with a particular tool, what do you do with the information you get?

I decided to address a few of these questions in a recent Video I released on our YouTube channel (see below, it’s embedded at the bottom of this post).  I also plan on doing reviews of some of the most popular SEO checkers in blog posts and videos over the next couple of months, and we’ve also prepared a cheat sheet you can download (also for FREE) here.

So here are a few tips for actually finding and getting the most out of some pretty great and totally free SEO Checkers.

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  • Keep in mind that SEO tools ALWAYS have limitations and ALWAYS require some knowledge and experience to apply correctly, so be prepared for some research and self-education to make the most of any free resource you find, therefore
  • Check out our Horizon Web Marketing Academy, because we don’t just provide consulting services, we also provide knowledge and training (some free, some for a fee) to help empower your own web marketing efforts



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