SEO Experts: Look in the Bag Before You Buy

What do Some Search Engine Optimization “Experts” have in Common with the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages, meat was scarce, but puppies and kittens were not (already you should see where this is going).  Some enterprising entrepreneurs determined that this provided them with an opportunity.  Finding a stray cat or dog, they would place it in a sealed bag.  Then they went into the marketplace selling the bag (also known as a “poke”), which they maintained, contained a suckling pig.  A rare treat indeed.  I would think that few people would actually buy the bag without checking inside, but apparently enough did that the scam, and the phrase that it gave rise to, have endured for hundreds of years.

Internet Marketing Success?  Or a Pig in a Poke?

Now we say “he bought a pig in a poke” to refer to someone making an unwise purchase.  Back then it meant that you bought a bag without checking the contents and ended up cheated.  That poke looked like it had a pig in it, but, alas, it only had a puppy.  Hmmm.

Not much has changed.  I recently came across a website for a company maintaining that they are search engine optimization experts.  They gave some pretty convincing evidence for their Internet marketing success.  There was a whole page of their clients with a bunch of very impressive claims.  For example, they claimed that one of their clients had 50 keywords listed on page one of Google.

Here are some examples of “page one” keywords this company had achieved for their client:

  • seo-expert-or-pig-in-a-pokebeach villas rental big island
  • four seasons home rental hawaii
  • hualalai home rental big island
  • four seasons home rentals hawaii
  • hualalai home rentals big island
  • hualalai beach home rental hawaii
  • hualalai villa rentals big island
  • hualalai beach home rentals hawaii
  • hualalai beach villa rental hawaii
  • hualalai villas rentals big island
  • four seasons home rental big island
  • four seasons vacation rental hawaii
  • hualalai beach villa rentals hawaii
  • hualalai beach villas rental hawaii
  • hualalai vacation rental big island
  • four seasons home rentals big island

That’s just a sampling.  I did not check whether the keywords they listed really were on the first page of Google (that in itself is a pretty dubious claim, since Google results vary from region to region and even person to person).

However, I did check Google’s Keyword Planner to see how much traffic these keywords could perhaps generate for the lucky customer.  Here are the average monthly searches on those keywords as reported by Google:

Page One Rankings, No Actual Traffic

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
beach villas rental big island0
four seasons home rental hawaii0
hualalai home rental big island0
four seasons home rentals hawaii0
hualalai home rentals big island0
hualalai beach home rental hawaii0
hualalai villa rentals big island0
hualalai beach home rentals hawaii0
hualalai beach villa rental hawaii0
hualalai villas rentals big island0
four seasons home rental big island0
four seasons vacation rental hawaii0
hualalai beach villa rentals hawaii0
hualalai beach villas rental hawaii0
hualalai vacation rental big island0
four seasons home rentals big island0

In fact, of all 50 keywords that this company were ranking on page one for, what do you think the combined monthly search volume, as reported by Google, is?

If a Page One Ranking Falls in the Forest, and No One is Around…

If you guessed anything more than 0 you were overly optimistic.  That’s right.  50 page one rankings and not a single search.

This company might call that a recommendation.  I call it a “pig in a poke.”

The moral of the story is this: whether you’re investigating anyone else’s services, or even our own, ask whatever SEO Expert you consult (and yes, Virgina, some SEO experts are indeed, well, expert) not just about rankings, but more importantly, about estimated traffic that those rankings might bring you.

In other words, make sure you open the bag and see there really is a fat, suckling piglet inside that poke, and not just some scrawny alley cat.  (This post was in no way meant to demean alley cats.  We do not discriminate against animals just because they live in a poor neighborhood.)

If you want more information about how we might be able to assist you, please visit our contact page or call us at 702-836-3278.

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