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SEO facts and ranking factors – Infographic

by | May 20, 2019 | Infographics, Resources, SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO 2019: Ranking Factors and Statistics Galore

If You Don’t Think You Need SEO, You Need to Study this Infographic

Over the 17 years that I’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization, I’ve seen it relentlessly grow, not only in importance, but also in complexity. I was reminded of that as I reviewed this infographic at the bottom of this post (full disclosure, we didn’t create it, the folks at SEO Tribunal did).

From ranking factors to “fun facts,” the world you have to contend with to give your website the edge with Google is truly breathtaking.

Just mentioning the “code” names for all the ultra significant Google updates is a bit overwhelming. I still remember the first named update that I can remember attracting widespread attention, Florida, which was rolled out in 2003 and hammered one of my clients. It took over a year for us to bring that client back in search. Eventually they surpassed their earlier ranking, but it was a long year.

Subsequently just the ones I can remember were Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Penguin 2.0, 3.0, etc, Venice, Phantom, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobilegeddon, Possum, and countless ones I can’t remember (Barry Schwartz has a comprehensive list over here, if you’re the curious type).

Another great resource for further research, and unique in that it has specific recommendations for action items related to the major updates, is published by UK-based SEO company MediaSkyscraper.

And of course keeping tracking of Google’s bobbing and weaving isn’t the only issue. The bigger problem is implementing what it is you think they want.

No wonder that having good resources to turn to as a “cheat” sheet is critical to succeeding. Thanks to SEO Tribunal for providing a pretty comprehensive and up to date one. Of course it’s wishful thinking to consider it the last update.

Ranking in 2019 - All The SEO Stats & Trends You Need to Know


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