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Why Don’t I Show Up On Google?

Is this you?

You lavish time and energy on a new website.  You launch it.  And…

…crickets.  No leads.  No sales. No visits.

If that type of disappointment sounds very close to home you have plenty of company.  Many businesses start to wonder if having a website is paying any return on their investment at all.

Often the answer is simple:

Your website is invisible on Google.

No results in Google usually means little to no traffic to your site.

So, What Do You Do About It?

In this 95-Minute, 13-Module video training course, our chief professional trainer, Ross Barefoot, helps you understand what’s going on, and how to take action.

Includes 6 bonus courses so that you have the tools to do what you need so that your website can stop frustrating you and starting earning money for you.

What’s Included With This Course

“Why Don’t I Show Up On Google?”

Get Found on Google – 13 Modules, 95 Minutes – $148 (Regular Price, $197)

PLUS By signing up today you’ll get AN ADDITIONAL $372 worth of “Online Business Basics” instruction for no extra cost

Bonus Courses

  • Google My Business – What Owners and Managers Need to Know (70 minutes) – Normally $97
  • Basic Keyword Research Fundamentals (67 minutes) – Normally $97
  • Making your Website Search Friendly with Google Search Console (67 minutes) – $97
  • How to Verify Your Website in Google Search Console (20:56)  – Normally $27
  • Introduction to Robots.txt for Non-technical People (16 minutes) – Normally $27
  • Introduction to Browser Extensions (11 minutes) – Normally $27

Through August 31st: Sign Up and SAVE Over $400

Ready For Online Success?

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