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Live SEO Workshops: The Best Way to Learn SEO

We’ve rarely found someone who says that they learn best by browsing miscellaneous YouTube videos and assorted blog posts.

Only slightly more common is the person who learns best by viewing more organized, on-demand training (which does have a role, and which we do offer as well).

But the question at the top of this page is not whether you can learn by those methods, but rather how you learn best.


We find that most business people who are motivated to learn SEO and digital marketing learn best if the following 6 criteria are met:

    1. Competent instructor with real world experience who also knows business vocabulary and priorities from the inside out
    2. Real world examples from the student’s own business situation
    3. The ability to ask questions and have them answered clearly in plain English
    4. A mix of visual training aids
    5. A relaxed, personable atmosphere
    6. Small class size with only a few other students

You’ll Find Each of These 6 Elements at One of Our In-Person Workshops!

Contact us to inquire about customized workshops for your company.