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Learn the Fundamentals of Google Search Marketing

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Presented by SEO Guru Ross Barefoot through the Search Engine Academy, one of the SEO world’s most admired SEO training organizations, classes are now forming for the always popular Las Vegas destination.


Sorry, registration for workshops is now closed. Leave your email address to be notified when the next workshop becomes available.


For questions and more information, please call 702-836-3278 or email us.
Although we try to fill all our classes, classes that do not reach minimum enrollment may be subject to cancellation with 30-days-notice to enrolled students. If your class is cancelled, your tuition will be fully refunded to you.


Free follow-up phone consulting – put what you learned into action!

Free with any class

One on one mentoring with SEO instructor Ross Barefoot

Take the SEO Essentials class and get 2 months of free mentoring*

Take the SEO Advanced class and get 3 months of free mentoring*

Take the SEO Complete class and get 6 months of free mentoring*  best value

*One hour of telephone time with Ross during the month.  Time must be scheduled in advance and is based on Ross’ availability.

Onsite, Group and Company SEO Training

Onsite and group classes are also available.  Company SEO trainings are a great way to jump start or update your SEO program.  Course curriculum can be customized to meet your company needs. Call for pricing and more information.

SEO Workshop Topics:

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All of our courses offer SEO Certification

Your Roadmap to Better Search Rankings

Here’s an overview of what you will learn in one of our workshops:

    • Six professional techniques to a successful rankings presence
    • The ABC’s of identifying your client’s search habits
    • Master keyword forensics to keywords that will give you the best rankings
    • Learn ways to get more clicks from your search results
    • Step by step guide to creating effective and SEO-friendly content
    • Get your visitors to interact with the website so you can market to them
    • Be armed and ready to implement your internet marketing plan

Your training is hands-on and you’ll be working on your own website, so what you learn will go right to work for you.

Myth-busting: What are some bad SEO tactics to avoid?

    • Seven common SEO mistakes that can lead to disastrous results
    • We’ll debunk some of the myths around search rankings, and tell you how Google and other search engines really work
    • Learn which are the best methods to optimize your website for best long term results

Our one-time training is a great way to make a small investment in your marketing toolbox that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

SEO training courses from Basic to Advanced

Our SEO training workshops appeal to all levels of interest and need.  Many business owners may want to better understand and direct the work of their web marketing team.  Other students are optimizing their own websites, and still others are career web marketing professionals seeking to deepen their skills or bring their knowledge up to date with the latest techniques. We offer three course levels to fulfill all these needs:

Basic SEO Class

This two day class provides an introduction to the concepts, methods and tools of SEO. You’ll be introduced to the six key steps of a good SEO campaign and have the opportunity to practice what you learn. This course will provide you with a knowledge of basic SEO techniques you can put to work to help your website do better in search ranking results.  Price: $997

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Advanced SEO Class

This three day class is geared for the student who already has completed the Basic SEO class, or has equivalent real world understanding of how SEO is performed. The student will explore advanced strategies, from advanced keyword research, to the use of information architecture.  The advanced course will also address techniques for local and mobile SEO.  Price $1497

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SEO Complete - the Master Class

This five day course incorporates both basic and advanced into a full week immersion in SEO theory, practice and application. At the end of the week, the student will have all the tools and knowledge needed to implement a comprehensive SEO campaign for their website or for their clients’ websites. Price $2497

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