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The ABCs of Buyer Personas and Why They Are Important

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Roy’s 1-Minute Marketing Messages

Buyer personas are critical for your lead generation so that you attract exactly the right type of customer; find out more.

Hi, This is Roy.
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Today’s message: The ABCs of Buyer Personas and Why They Are Important
Some takeaways:

  • Buyer personas – what are they
    • Describe your ideal client
    • Help understand their motivations and interests
    • Help understand their buying behavior
  • Advantages include
    • Shorter sales cycles
    • More higher quality leads
    • More revenue

Buyer persona profile
Why are buyer personas critical to modern marketing?
buyer persona statistics
how to build a buyer persona
buyer persona profile
examine site analytics, contact databases, and feedback from sales and customer service teams
use interviews. focus groups, and online surveys to gather persona insights from relevant audiences
build persona profiles
use persona profiles to make strategic marketing decisions

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