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Video: How to Add a User to Google Analytics

by | Sep 6, 2019 | SEO How-To, Tutorials, Video

Google Analytics logoIf you need to have us or any other agency help you with your Google Analytics, here’s the safe way to grant access by adding a user. No need to share your sensitive login information.

Transcription below the video.

Video Transcription

Hi. This is Ross with Horizon Web Marketing and just a quick tutorial video to show you how to add a user to your Google Analytics account in order to give them access to the account.

So here you’ll see this is a demo Google Analytics account, and I’m assuming at this point that you know how to log yourself into Google Analytics. If you do, then you normally are given this dashboard or one that looks similar to it, and now you have an opportunity to add a user. We often will make a request of clients that we work with that they give us access to their Google Analytics account so that we can either manage it or do diagnostics on their site.

screen capture of google analytics

So you go down to the lower left here where it says admin. Click on that and you’ll be given this panel here, and Google allows you to change things that have to do with your account, your property, or your view. Now you don’t need to understand what those three things are in order to do this process. All you need to do is go to the account level, which is normally where we need to have access, click on user management. It’ll show you what users are already granted access to this particular account.

Then you’ll notice up here at the top right there’s a little blue or a white plus in a blue circle. You click on that, and then we’re going to click on add new users. Then you need to be able to do an email address that is a valid email address. So in this case I’m going to say ross@horizonwebmarketing. Then you have the chance to leave this… By default it’s checked, and that is to notify new users by email. But if the person that you’re adding doesn’t need to get an email you can just go ahead and untick that. Then you also have a chance here to be able to enable certain levels of permissions.

Now normally when we ask for access to account, we want to have all permissions at least above the line here. To give full permissions you would also need to tick this box here that says manage users. Normally if you want somebody to be able to add other users to your Google Analytics account you’re going to have to tick that box. With respect to, for example, giving access to an SEO agency, typically they’re going to want to have access to these three, and if you tick the top box here it’s going to by default enable the other two.

So at this point we are done with our job and now that new user is going to appear, and here I am, ross@horizonwebmarketing. Then you’ll be able to see what the various levels of permissions are under the permissions column.

Once you’re done, all you have to do is exit out. You can go back to the home screen of your Google Analytics property and you’re done. I hope this has been useful.


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